Note: The Perry County Court of Common Pleas Adult Probation Department is located on the top floor of the Perry County Courthouse in New Lexington, Ohio.

Location and Hours

Perry County Court of Common Pleas: Probation Department
105 N. Main Street - P.O. Box 7
New Lexington, Ohio 43764

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Probation Officers

Dan Starlin, Chief Probation Officer/Bailiff
Telephone Number: (740) 342-5542
Fax Number: (740) 342-2789
Blake Darnell, Probation Officer/Bailiff
Telephone Number: (740) 342-5542
Fax Number: (740) 342-2789

Community Service

TJ Ross, Probation Officer/Community Service Officer
Telephone Number: (740) 342-5542

Vision Statement

It is the departments' vision to rebuild lives and establish a healthier and safer community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Perry County Court of Common Pleas - Probation Department is to positively impact our community by making it safer and changing the lives of those individuals placed under its supervision. We shall work with the community so each individual successfully:

Department Goals

The following are the goals of the Perry County Court of Common Pleas - Adult Probation Department.

Standard Rules of Community Control/Probation

All probationers are required to abide by the following standard rules of probation and any special sanctions/rules imposed by the court or his or her supervising officer:

  1. You shall refrain from violation of any law (federal, state and local). You shall get in touch immediately with your probation officer if arrested or questioned by a law enforcement officer.
  2. You shall associate and communicate only with law-abiding persons and maintain reasonable hours.
  3. You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the best of your ability. When out of work you shall notify your probation officer at once.
  4. You shall secure advance approval from the probation officer, in writing, if at any time you wish to:
    1. Purchase or operate a motor vehicle.
    2. Incur debts whether by borrowing money or installment buying.
    3. Change employment or place of residence.
    4. Leave the county or state.
  5. You shall not own, possess, receive, or transmit any of the following weapons: Firearms, ammunition, dangerous ordnance, taser, mace, all martial arts items, all archery equipment, switchblades, sling shots, and anything specifically designed or altered to be a weapon. Further, no knives of any kind are to be carried on your person or in your vehicle without permission of your supervising officer.
  6. You shall follow the instructions and advice of all employees of the Adult Probation Department and the Common Pleas Court including the fulfillment of all requirements set forth in the Case Plan.
  7. You shall not operate a motor vehicle unless you have a valid operator's license and liability insurance which has been approved by the Adult Probation Department.
  8. You shall not possess, use, distribute or have under your control any illegal substances or prescription medications without the prior knowledge and approval of your supervising officer. You shall not possess any contraband related to the use of illegal substances. You shall submit to drug testing at the discretion of the Adult Probation Department. You shall not attempt to alter or falsify test results in any way.
  9. You shall refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages in any form or extent. You are not to be in any establishment whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol.
  10. You shall submit to a search of your person or immediate surroundings conducted by the Adult Probation Department. You shall also submit to a search of any residence in which you reside; this sanction must be explained and agreed to by anyone you reside with prior to approval by your probation officer. Any vehicle which you own or are in control of is also subject to search by the Adult Probation Department.
  11. You shall allow the Adult Probation Department to search any and all computer related items, electronic devices, and any printed and recorded media forms used to store information.