Jury Information

Prospective Jurors Three Month Period

Prospective Jurors are selected for a three month period. If a jury trial is scheduled, prospective jurors will receive a second letter giving them a specific date to appear at the Courthouse.

Prospective Juror Questionnaires

If you are selected as a prospective Juror, you must complete the questionnaire sent to you within five (5) days of receipt.

Please mail the questionnaire in the self-addressed envelope provided by the court. If you misplace the envelope you may mail it to:

Tanya Jenkins
Po Box 7
New Lexington, OH 43764

You may also email questions and concerns to tanya.jenkins@perrycountyohio.net

The completed questionnaires will not be made available to the public. The questionnaires will be used by the attorneys to help them determine if potential jurors can be fair and impartial when deciding a particular case. If these preliminary questions were not already answered, the attorneys would have to ask the potential jurors these questions the morning of the trial. The completed questionnaire saves everyone time.

Petit Jury Questionnaire (8.58 KB)
Grand Jury Questionnaire (8.76 KB)

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Jury FAQs

How did my name get selected for Jury Duty?
Juror's names are selected at random by a computer from a list of registered voters provided by the Board of Elections and from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Who may be called to serve as a Juror?
You may be called to serve if you are a US citizen; at least 18 years old, reside primarily in the county for 1 year, be proficient in English well enough to complete the juror qualification form, not have a disqualifying mental or physical condition, not currently subject to felony charges punishable by more than 1 year, and never have been convicted of a felony unless civil rights have been restored.
How long will I be required to serve?
Prospective jurors are selected for a three month period. If there is a jury trial during the three month period, some prospective jurors will be sent a second notice giving them a specific day they must appear in Court for the trial. A trial usually only lasts one to two days, but may last longer.
Will I get paid?
Employers are not required to provide salary during jury service, but jurors will be paid a daily rate of $7.50. If required to stay overnight, subsistence allowance covering meals and lodging may also be paid.
What are the different types of Juries?
Petit Jury: If you are selected to serve on a Petit Jury, you will hear a criminal or civil case. A criminal trial will involve a felony. The law requires twelve jurors to be seated in a criminal case and eight jurors to be seated in a civil case.

In a criminal trial, the jury must find the defendant guilty or not guilty by a unanimous vote of all twelve jurors.

In civil cases the law requires a vote of at least six of the jurors to reach a verdict.

Most jury trials will have alternate jurors. In the event of unforeseen circumstances in which one of the regular jurors are unable to complete his or her jury duty, an alternate will replace that juror. The alternate hears the trial, in its entirety, but does not participate in jury deliberations unless a regular juror can no longer participate.

Grand Jury: A grand jury hears evidence about crimes and decides whether or not a person should be charged with a crime. The grand jury does not decide guilt or innocence.
How can I become exempt or excused from Jury Service?
The only valid excuses for Jury Duty provided by Ohio law are; over the age of 75; extended absences from Perry County; Illnesses requiring the care of a physician (a doctor's excuse from your doctor is required); a full time student enrolled in a college institution; no longer a resident of Perry County (please send verification of your new address) an "undue hardship or extreme inconvenience". A letter shall be submitted in writing to the Judge explaining the issue. The Judge will determine if you are exempt or excused.
What happens if I don't appear in Court?
Prospective Jurors who do not appear can be held in contempt of Court and fined. The minimum fine is $100.00.
What happens when I appear for Jury Service?
All prospective jurors take an oath or affirm that they will answer truthfully questions posed to them by the Judge and the attorneys during the process. The Judge and attorneys will ask prospective jurors questions to find out if it may be difficult for them to be fair and impartial in the particular case. Prospective jurors may be questioned about any past experiences that might make it difficult for them to be fair and impartial in the particular case. Each side will be given a chance to excuse jurors for cause if there is a good reason to excuse a juror. Each side will then be able to make a limited number of preemptory challenges without giving a reason. For criminal cases, twelve (12) jurors will be called into the jury box. Eight (8) jurors will be called for civil cases. There will also be one to two alternate jurors.
How does a jury decide a case?
After the attorneys have presented their evidence and made their closing statements, the Judge instructs the jurors about the laws that apply to the case. Jurors must decide the case based on the laws as they are and not as the jurors might like them to be. After receiving the Judge's instructions, the jury will enter the jury room to begin their deliberations. First, the jury must elect a foreperson to oversee the discussions, make sure that all issues are discussed and that every juror gets a chance to participate. The jurors will sign a verdict form when they reach a verdict and notify the bailiff. The Clerk will read the verdict and dismiss the Jurors.
How many jurors must agree on a verdict?
The type of case determines how many jurors must agree on a verdict. In Civil cases, six out of the eight jurors must agree on the verdict. In a Criminal case, all twelve jurors must agree on the verdict.
What should I wear to jury duty?
Please dress appropriately. No shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, or hats are permitted in the courtroom.
Where should I park?
Parking is available at the parking lot in the rear of the County Administration Building at 212 S. Main Street, New Lexington, Ohio 43764 off of High Street.
What can I bring?
Electronic devices and food or drink are typically allowed in waiting areas, but are forbidden in court. Also, no reading material, i.e., books, newspapers, and magazines will be allowed in the Courtroom. No weapons of any kind are allowed.